Keiko's Message To The World

August 16, 1997 & March 1998

At the Oregon Coast Aquarium

"We would like man to realize what he is doing to the world. That many changes have taken place over years and there are more things to come. Man must realize that he has a tremendous affect on the future of our planet.”

“We would like man to understand that we all want to live in peace - to be free from fear and pressure to survive. We want all animals and man to love alike. There will always be differences but those can be worked through in a peaceful way - without violence and war. Understanding and compassion are the answer to peace. If man only knew how much he is influencing everything on this earth, and that everything he does will leave an impact on all other living beings.”

“Many will listen and learn and grow from what they hear from us. We are all here with a/our specific purpose to learn and grow and be who we truly are. To learn to love and forgive and enjoy our life on this earth. People are stumbling through their life with no awareness of their purpose or the big picture.”

“Learn to live in peace and take care of our world. It does not exist just for man alone.  Many others depend on the earth and its survival for their existence. Man believes he is the special one and all others are less significant. Without the rest of us, man is nothing - he will cease to exist.”

“I am quite content for the moment. I am feeling much better and healthier than before.  I like the attention and effect I have on all the people that come to see me, especially the younger ones and the children. They will remember seeing me for a long time."

"My goal is to let the people of the world learn by my captivity. Learn what not to do to us. Learn that we are born free to stay free - never to be caught and made fools of. We are far more than man realizes."

"If they set me free because they believe they are helping me, they will be doing a disservice to many, many people that will be influenced. I need to impact others by my captivity much more than I need to be set free. If they insist on setting me free, I will continue to do things and/or behave in a way to discourage them from letting me go for my purpose is best accomplished by being here."

"Please let them know this. They believe they are doing what I want, but it is what they want for me. They want me to be something I am not. I am not a wild whale; I am Keiko.”

“Love to the World from Keiko.”

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